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Coming up to its 65th anniversary, Belzona has enjoyed steady growth and continues to maintain its position as a trusted maintenance and new construction solutions provider. How can we properly commemorate this occasion in a Blog post? Perhaps, elaborate on Belzona’s rich history, but we already covered that in-depth over the years. We could focus on what makes us different – and that we did in several of last year’s Blog posts. What about shining the light on all of the Belzona innovations introduced in recent years? Simply typing “Belzona Innovations” in a search engine will bring up a long list of new solutions and events they were presented at.

We have done enough TALKING, don’t you think? And for this 65th anniversary blog post we would like to LISTEN.

The reason Belzona is so successful after 65 years is down to the people involved in growing the business. Our Customers, Staff, Distributors, Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers to name a few, all make up the Belzona Family and contribute massively to our success and longevity.

In this 65th anniversary post we present some of their experiences, anecdotes and memorable moments. After reading, please also add your story in the comments section! It is our collective experiences, knowledge and vision that will help steer Belzona towards plenty more anniversaries in the years to come.

experience, knowledge, vision

Many people say that their most memorable Belzona moment is – meeting our charismatic founder, Mr Jorgen Svendsen, for the first time. Michal Abrahamfy, our Distributor in the Slovak Republic, commented:

“Our company, SLOVCEM, was interested in becoming a Belzona Distributor. The first thing that occurred to me was, what a viable company it is. It produces such excellent products, so many problems can be solved with them. And then I attended meetings in Miami, face to face with the owner, Mr Jorgen Svendsen.

The second thing that surprised me was how clearly and logically this then 77-year-old man led the meeting. He expressed overt interest in how Belzona will be sold in our small country, where practically no one has ever heard of these products. I did not know at the time that he was originally from Denmark, and the problems and life of a small country may have been closer to him than one would expect.

Slovakia on a map (left) Slovcem at a trade show (right)

Slovakia on a map (left) Slovcem at a trade show (right)

The third most important thing was that we saw that Mr. Svendsen did not believe in us very much, he was not convinced that we will stay with Belzona. It was apparent that he had practical experience with sales, applications and interpersonal relationships. He knew it will be difficult for us… We persuaded him and finally promised that – yes, we can make it, we can do it!

We never got a chance to meet  Mr. Jorgen Svendsen again.

We became an official Belzona distributor for the Slovak Republic and I always remembered this meeting in my Belzona life whenever we had problems, difficulties, when I was thinking about giving up… And at the end, we succeeded! We have built a functional Belzona system in Slovakia and now you could hardly find an industrial company that doesn’t know or hasn´t used some of the Belzona products. We fulfilled our promise and I hope we did not disappoint Mr. Jorgen Svendsen.”

Michal presenting at an engineering conference

Michal presenting at an engineering conference

We would like to thank Michal for sharing this personal experience. As he mentioned, Belzona products have become well-known in Slovakia. And we do have quite the range!

Coatings, linings, adhesives, mortar repair materials, flexible polyurethanes, and many, many more… So for this Blog post, we asked some people about their favourite Belzona solutions. We know, we know – there are too many to choose from and it is hard to pick one… so we narrowed the list down to some of the recently introduced materials. And what product/solution would be your favourite?

Your favourite new Belzona products


When it comes to products, who better to share some thoughts on the matter, than our friends in the R&D Department. Belzona R&D Director, Jevon Pugh, picked Belzona 1212 as his favourite product. Why, you ask? Jevon said:

“Belzona 1212 is a classic Belzona product. A next-generation multi-purpose repair paste that has many uses and does everything – outstanding adhesion, fast cure, chemical resistance – except make the tea.”

new belzona development idea

Jevon anniversary comment

Designing products is of course, as Jevon put it, a huge satisfaction, but is it as satisfying to make them? Steve Jackson, who spent time in both production and distribution, commented on his Belzona experience:

“I started in the labelling side of it 15 years ago, before moving onto the factory. Learning something new every year I worked my way up. Some of my favourite times were spent working on high speed mixers, making our signature “metals”. As the demand for Belzona grew, I helped put an idea into practice by leading the second shift, which ultimately increased our turnover making sure sea- and airfreight orders can be processed faster. What I enjoy most about Belzona is feeling well looked after, being given opportunities to progress and of course our staff parties. The summer party in particular, as it included our families.”

Belzona production and despatch team

Belzona production and despatch team

It all sounds great, great products, great team. You’d think this would all lead to happy customers as well? And you would be right! In the case of one customer, he was so impressed with the company, he eventually joined the team as an employee, now heading our production and operations. Gavin Bowers commented on his memorable experience on that fateful day he caught the Belzona bug:

“I still remember my very first experience with our local Belzona Consultant, George “Geordie” Laws, 20m down in the Curlew FPSO’s bottom pump room, in December 1996, where he was helping my team to repair the pipework. I also had steam valves to repair and he impressed me as the first salesman to say “no” rather than sell me something I wanted that might not have worked. I then joined the company in 1999 as an employee and his honesty and integrity matched my experience of the company in its values.”

Left: Curlew FPSO, Right: Gavin in the pump room where he first met “Geordie” Laws

Left: Curlew FPSO, Right: Gavin in the pump room where he first met “Geordie” Laws

Values, vision, vested interest in its stakeholders – sums up Belzona quite nicely. It also, of course, started as and continues to be – a family business. This family feel extends beyond the company. That is why our last quote will be from James Hall, of Halls Applications Limited, our loyal contractor since the 1990s: “Belzona have looked after our family business for a very long time. The work and opportunities we get using Belzona materials we wouldn’t get if we used anyone else’s products.”

And what does Belzona mean to you? In honour of our 65th anniversary, please share your memorable moments, stories and thoughts.

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  • Tom Belli

    Great to read all the different experiences from such a wide range of people involved with Belzona. A great company to work for!

  • Jamie Robinson

    65 would usually be retirement age in the UK. Belzona at 65 is ever youthful, full of promise and forward looking. I have had the pleasure of working for the Belzona as an employee and more recently with them as an independent consultant. Happy 65th Belzona, 65 years young!

  • Generi s.r.o.

    Vážený pán riaditeľ,
    dovoľte, aby som Vám pri príležitosti 65. výročia založenia Vašej firmy úprimne zablahoželala.
    Tvoje zásluhy na budovaní renomé na Slovensku sú nenahraditeľné pre ďalšie fungovanie a rozvoj celej firmy Belzona.
    Čo stačilo niekedy, dnes je už primálo, svet neustále dotvára nové podoby – a pod vedením, ľudí , ako si ty Miško má Firma Belzona veľký potenciál oslavovať ešte mnoho okrúhlých výročí!

    • Abrahamfy

      Thank you for your congratulation, it is always very nice to cooperate with so good company like GENERI is!
      Best regards

  • Gabriel Dravecký

    Hello Michal,
    Congratulations to your company, Slovcem, and of course you Michal and your colleagues. I wish You a lot of success and many satisfied customers.


    • Abrahamfy

      Thank you for your congratulation, the same success for you and your company GD Project!

  • Mike Bruce

    After only one phone call, an enthusiastic Scotsman showed up onboard a US Navy ship at a nuclear submarine base in Southern California just to see me! The next thing I know I am out of the Navy and re-enlisting for a lifelong career with Belzona. Many years and many experiences later, I consider myself fortunate to still truly enjoy being involved with Belzona. It is as dynamic and exciting as it was when I first learned of it way back in 1987. Thanks to all!

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