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As the New Year bells tolled, the annual tradition of the New Year’s resolutions began – and for Belzona it was no different. However for 2016, we have launched a collective idea, by volunteering a charitable New Year’s resolution. As we continue to grow as a business, equally should our investment in our local community and society. Therefore, in 2016, our focus involves improving Belzona’s contribution to the local community in and around the Harrogate area. In order to do this, we would like to introduce the Belzona 1% Club.

What is the 1% Club?

Launched in January 2016, The Belzona 1% Club is an employee volunteer scheme which will enable all employees to use 1% of their annual working time to support local community-based activities. This equates to around 3 days or 19.5 hours a year for full-time employees. Not only will this initiative help to support local communities, but also offer valuable opportunities for both personal and team development.

Who will the Belzona 1% Club help?

As part of the scheme, employees are able to do volunteer activities on an individual basis or as a group, with specially chosen charities in Harrogate. The chosen charities Belzona will work closely with in 2016 are Harrogate Homeless Project and HELP (Harrogate Easier Living Project).

Harrogate Homeless Project

Harrogate Homeless Project

The Harrogate Homeless Project is an independent charity that was founded by Harrogate Churches Together in 1991, in order to try and alleviate the growing number of people sleeping rough in the district. The project operates from two sites, the first being a 16 bed hostel and second, a day centre called Springboard, both in Harrogate.

Belzona will primarily be working with the Springboard site to enable their own staff to spend time on the more urgent matters. Amongst the different activities available from the Harrogate Homeless Project, visitors have the opportunity to participate in a variety of groups and classes, ranging from gardening and photography to computers and artwork. Springboard relies on its volunteers to help with food preparation, supervising service users and the general smooth running of the enterprise.

Harrogate Easier Living Project

HELP (Harrogate Easier Living Project)

HELP offers a support network for older, disabled and vulnerable people allowing them to remain independent in their own homes. As a branch of Harrogate & Ripon Centres for Voluntary Service, this independent registered charity works throughout the District of Harrogate, providing a variety of different voluntary projects.

Projects that Belzona will be heavily involved with include:

  • ‘Help At Home’: A practical service offering DIY, gardening, decorating and odd jobs
  • ‘Opening Doors’: Accompanied support to help people get out and about to social events and on outings
  • ‘Driving Force’: A voluntary car driving service which provides transport to medical appointments and for essential trips

Giving Back to Harrogate

All of these services support people in our community, ranging from practical roles, to providing company on an ad-hoc or regular basis. This wide range of volunteering opportunities will allow employees to choose roles which match their interests and existing skills and/or allow them to gain new skills. Overall, this establishes a personalised and specialised volunteer experience for every member of staff.

Laura Smith, Belzona’s Corporate Development Manager heading up the initiative, said:

“This is an excellent opportunity for all of the Belzona family to help a little more within the local area. Now, more than ever, the idea of community is essential; not only on a local scale but globally. By building upon fundraising efforts and community events from previous years, the Belzona 1% Club endeavours to create a stronger relationship with our two chosen charities. Overall, Belzona aim to develop a lasting connection that will hopefully continue onwards from 2016.”

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  • Sunil Kumar Pal

    This is a very noble project to help lesser fortunate people.Is there any way I can support.However, I congratulate this great effort of Belzonians.

    • Tom Belli
      Tom Belli

      Thank you Sunil, we are very much looking forward to getting involved with these volunteering projects. That’s excellent to hear that you are interested. Perhaps a similar scheme could be started at Nicco Group?

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