Around the World in 8 Blog Posts – Canada


Thank you to Barry Nisill for the insight into Canada’s industries and the Belzona activities there. Canada routinely tops tables for being one of the most picturesque countries in the world. It’s a nation rich in natural beauty, with vast forests, impressive lakes, enormous mountains and the world’s longest coastline. It tops tables with Belzona […]

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Static Charge: The Shocking Industry Hazard

Static Dissipative Banner

Often, the idea of static charge conjures innocent memories of rubbing balloons and hair standing on end. However, in an industrial setting, static charge is regarded far less fondly. In fact, unwanted static charge can be extremely hazardous, leading to potentially life-threatening incidents in environments involving chemical containment, or the presence of highly flammable materials. […]

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Differentiating Belzona: Adding Value in Service and Support

Service and Support

Much like the pursuit of high quality is a shared company endeavour and not assigned to one Department, the emphasis on excellent service and support is also a collective goal throughout Belzona’s organisation. The final post in the ‘Differentiating Belzona’ series, examines the importance placed upon adding value to the solutions we provide; particularly, the […]

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Differentiating Belzona: Quality from Science to Solution

Quality from Science to Solution - Belzona Blog

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”; a principle upheld by manufacturing pioneer, Henry Ford. He recognised that for any successful organisation, its attitude to quality must not be one-dimensional but habitual; particularly from a manufacturer’s perspective. Following the first in the ‘Differentiating Belzona’ series, this post expands upon the theme of […]

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Differentiating Belzona: Our Approach to Hazardous Chemicals


When polymeric repair materials and coatings were first introduced in industrial maintenance, they revolutionised the way in which the repair and protection of machinery, equipment, buildings and structures was performed. Several decades later and the polymeric repair materials market has changed significantly, yet Belzona still remains at the forefront of innovation and advancement in this […]

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From Seafaring to Belzona Engineering: Memories, Amusements and the Next Chapter


Interview with David Blackwell, Belzona Engineering Director David Blackwell joined Belzona in 1987 after spending 13 years with Shell in the Merchant Navy and rising through the ranks to a Senior Engineering Officer. In Belzona, David has occupied various positions over the years and now heads the company’s Engineering Services Department. We had a chance […]

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