How to Stop and Repair a Live Leak with Belzona


Live leaks and through-wall defects are quite common when it comes to the maintenance and repair of tanks and pipes. External and internal corrosion, aggressive chemicals and tough operating conditions contribute to the metal loss and wall thinning. Lack of prevention or timely maintenance might lead to delays in production, leakage of hazardous materials, and health and […]

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Top 4 Problems for Cooling Tower Maintenance

Cooling Tower Maintenance

Cooling tower maintenance forms a fundamental part of managing any HVAC system. When well maintained, a properly designed system will provide a comfortable indoor environment for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, all year around. Despite having an integral role in any well-functioning HVAC system, cooling towers can often end up neglected. In part, due to their situation on […]

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Static Charge: The Shocking Industry Hazard

Static Dissipative Banner

Often, the idea of static charge conjures innocent memories of rubbing balloons and hair standing on end. However, in an industrial setting, static charge is regarded far less fondly. In fact, unwanted static charge can be extremely hazardous, leading to potentially life-threatening incidents in environments involving chemical containment, or the presence of highly flammable materials. […]

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