Roofing Problem Areas: The Troublesome 10%

Roofing Landscape

Facilities maintenance issues can have a major impact on productivity in both industrial and commercial environments, with something as small as a leaking roof causing significant disruption and downtime. Belzona understands the importance of protecting roofs and how troublesome the smallest of roofing problems can be. In actual fact, through all our years of experience, […]

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Inside Mining: Belzona’s Top 5 Application Areas


Explosions, drilling, crushing and digging. The mining and quarrying industry brings together some of the most destructive forces affecting modern day machinery and equipment. The threats associated with the mining environment can vary, often introducing a combination of abrasion, corrosion, wear, impact and chemical attack. Significantly, the type of damage that can occur is completely […]

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Teamwork in the Coatings Industry: Part 1

Image 5

Manufacturers within the protective coatings and linings industry recognise that an unacceptably high percentage of the projects, to which we supply our products, fail prematurely. Generally, the industry is fully aware and agrees that the primary reason for this depressing statistic is that many of these applications are carried out under less than ideal conditions. […]

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