Celebrating 70 Years of Belzona: Words From the President

Similar to most inventions, Belzona was born from observation. Seventy years ago, the founder, Jorgen Svendsen (1921-1999), noticed that the steel structures throughout the United Kingdom had deteriorated. He believed that people should not see their everyday environment in such a state. Therefore, inspired by his surroundings, Mr. Svendsen created a solution: a steel and zinc composite spray to combat corrosion.

As a result, Belzona has dedicated itself to combating corrosion and other common problems such as abrasion and erosion. Currently, the company has multiple products that safeguard steel, rubber, concrete, and masonry substrates from deterioration caused by an array of factors. 

Early examples of Belzona polymeric systems
Early examples of Belzona polymeric systems

Most importantly, the longevity of Bezlona is due to its curiosity and willingness to research and develop solutions for rising industries. Previously, the company has kept up with steel, oil, and gas along with other material and energy producers. The company has provided solutions for them since its inception; however, upcoming industries cannot be ignored. Belzona has always been able to match the strides that new technology makes. Now, Belzona has its sight on developing solutions for clean energy and the materials used to manufacture their structures.

With the heavy focus on wind and solar energy, Belzona is eager to continue forming solutions for wind turbines—already having released products for turbine blades to protect them from erosion and impact damage. In addition to developing products to protect solar panels.

In the oncoming year, join us in celebrating the collective achievements that Belzona has made in seventy years, and the strides we will continue to make together.

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