Work Experience at Belzona UK’s Marketing Department

In his own words, local student, Adnan, reflects on his week of work experience at Belzona’s Marketing Department.

After finishing my GCSE examinations in June, I began my week-long work experience with polymeric company, Belzona, on Monday, July 4. Because I have a passion for business and media, I choose to work with the marketing department. I wanted to gain an insight into the career I intended to pursue after finishing my studies by doing this. When I came to the site in April to look around, I knew right away that I would enjoy myself immensely.

Before my day started, I was made to feel at home when I arrived on site. I also got a goody bag. The Belzona staff were very pleasant and polite.

I had a lot of tasks allocated to me over the week, all of which I liked doing. Many of them were made to boost my creative abilities and include:

  • Writing blogs and press releases: I did some research for a press release I wrote regarding one of Belzona’s products
  •  Creating social media posts: I created posts for LinkedIn and Instagram about Belzona products
  •  Creating videos: I edited some video footage I captured during an internal staff training session
  • Creating e-mail marketing: learning about it and producing a post on wind energy
  •  Proofreading task: I had to correct grammatical and spelling mistakes in a blog that was handed to me
  •  Researching the firm and the competitors: I had to investigate the goods and services that Belzona and its rivals provide

I also completed other activities, such as participating in an internal staff training course which taught us about the different types of products Belzona produces and how to apply the products. I also attended a marketing meeting and learnt about the scientific side of Belzona Products. For example, how the Products are tested and how they are created.

I have had many highlights during my time, however, making a video and posters was one of my favourite assignments while I was working at Belzona. I was creating the media with tools like Adobe Rush and Canva. To promote Belzona products, I created posts to be published on platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram. I also enjoyed creating and editing a video for an internal staff training session because it gave me the chance to show off my creativity and editing skills. I also enjoyed writing an email marketing post about a new product because it was something different from what I usually did and involved research on specific products.

There were many things I discovered at Belzona that I was unaware of before. A few of the things I learnt include:

• Keeping in trend with current marketing trends. This is crucial because things change constantly these days.

•The significance of human presence in blog posts, if there is a human, most people tend to be more intrigued and watch for longer.

•I discovered that a blog might occasionally become too busy and full which could put people off from reading or watching.

•I also learnt industry specific terminology for example the phrase, “in–situ”.

After hearing stories from my siblings about how boring work experience was and how they made you read files for the entire day, I was anxious, however Belzona gave me a fun and interesting time.

Belzona was an excellent place for me to complete my work experience because it offered great facilities, pleasant employees, and jobs that I would find interesting and useful in the future. While here, I also learned a lot and developed the abilities that would help me in the workplace.

I would suggest Belzona to those looking for future work experience.

Did you know, Belzona offers a special Training and Development Programme for school leavers?

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