Belzona Wins Health & Wellbeing Award

Belzona won the ‘Health & Wellbeing’ Award, as part of the Harrogate Advertiser’s Business Excellence Awards. In order to be shortlisted for the Award, Belzona had to demonstrate strength in the following areas:

  • What action you are taking to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace 
  • The positive impact implementing an employee health and wellbeing strategy has had on the company and how this will benefit future growth  
  • Ways your strategy is different to other companies in your field 
  • Testimonials from staff about their experience

Below is an overview of Belzona’s submission for this Award.

Belzona Supports, Celebrates and Motivates Staff Members  

For Belzona, its employees are its most valuable asset, therefore, the Company considers it essential that they provide the best possible working environment for them, and to make sure that each and every member of staff feels like a valued member of the Belzona community.  
Whether it’s by supporting staff members through the Mental Health & Wellbeing Committee, celebrating their work with staff recognition schemes, or motivating them with staff events (including a carnival themed summer party) and regular pick-me-ups, Belzona is leading the way with its health and wellbeing programme.  

Commenting on Belzona’s busy events calendar, Corporate Development Manager, Laura Bell, said:

“For me, what sets Belzona apart from other companies is the investment made into celebrating and motivating staff members through regular activities and events held throughout the year. Indeed, ‘investment’ forms one of the three ‘I’s’ that were identified in our new three-year business plan (the other two being integrity and innovation). 
We have a whole Department, ‘Corporate Development’, which is dedicated to organising and hosting these events. They are a great opportunity for everyone to get together and enjoy spending time together in a more informal environment. In turn, this helps to strengthen working relationships and gives staff members a real sense of belonging within the business – all of which is integral to promoting positive health and wellbeing amongst staff members.”  

Recent events include (amongst others): 

– Charity Pub Quiz at Local Brewery  
In March 2023, a charity pub quiz was held at the local brewery, Roosters, in Hornbeam Park. Employees paid £10 each to take part in the quiz, which also included a meal. All of the £790 profit went to Belzona’s chosen charities for the year, Cancer Research UK and the White Rose Forest.  
Commenting on the event, a Spokesperson from the Company said: “It’s wonderful to work for a Company that recognises the importance of investing resources into events like this. They are a great way to raise money for charity and also provide an opportunity for staff members across different departments to spend time together, let their hair down and have fun!”  
– Staff Recognition Ceremony  
At Christmastime 2022, a staff recognition ceremony was held in the Harrogate Office where tokens of recognition were presented to employees, celebrating landmark years of service and notable achievements.

– Carnival-Themed Staff Party 
In July 2022, Belzona held a ‘carnival’ themed staff party. Staff members and their families could take part in traditional carnival games, enjoy a BBQ lunch and choose a special gift to take home with them. 

A great time was had by all at the Belzona summer party
A great time was had by all at the Belzona summer party

Mental Health Matters  
 In order to have an effective health and wellbeing programme, Belzona recognises the importance of supporting its staff members with their mental health.  
As such, as well as having a Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy in place, the Business also has a Mental Health & Wellbeing Committee which comprises of six appointed members who are accredited Mental Health First Aiders. They are points of contact for any employee who is experiencing mental health issues or emotional distress and are available at any time. 
A spokesperson from the Committee said: “The Committee is in place to encourage dialogue on mental health in the workplace, because mental health affects us all and no-one should ever feel they cannot talk to their colleagues about their mental health.” 

Throughout 2022 and 2023, the Committee ran awareness campaigns in a number of areas including (amongst others) Mental Health Awareness Week (May 2022) and Pride/LGBTQ+ (June 2022).  
The Committee also created a Mental Health Booklet for employees which provides information on national and local charities and helplines. In addition, all managers also undergo Mental Health Awareness training so that they can provide support to their team members.  
– Spending Time in Nature 
Recognising the positive mental health impacts that can be achieved by spending time in nature, in conjunction with the Environmental Committee, the Mental Health Committee organised an acorn collection activity at Jacob Smith Park, Knaresborough and Ripley Castle. This was part of a community project organised by the White Rose Forest and KindleWoods.  
Commenting on the acorn collection activity, Tim Jewitt, Administrative Manager, said: “Listening to birdsong and taking in the fresh air was a great way to relax and chill out.” 

Belzona staff thoroughly enjoyed the acorn collection at Jacob Smith Park, Knaresborough
Belzona staff thoroughly enjoyed the acorn collection at Jacob Smith Park, Knaresborough

An Inclusive and Welcoming Place to Work  
Belzona is committed to creating a safe and welcoming work environment for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Morgan Johnson, Export Coordinator, who takes the lead in running LGBTQ+ initiatives, said:

“Here at Belzona, it is a priority that we stay educated about the world around us and the many trials our fellow employees may face behind closed doors. We have initiatives to aid this, such as a drop in Q+A day where anybody could come by and learn about the LGBTQ+ community and gender identity.”  

Comprehensive Range of Benefits 
 Belzona also has a range of other benefits, including:  

• Private health cover for all employees with no restriction or excess 
• Permanent Health Insurance and Life Assurance    
• Employee Assistance Programme – staff have access to a 24/7 counselling helpline which is also available for their partners and children 14+ 
• Company contribution towards glasses and eye tests 
• Flexitime is offered to eligible roles, encouraging a positive work/life balance 
• Staff can carry over holidays or sell them back to the Business 
Health and Wellbeing Package Supports Business Growth   
Belzona’s health and wellbeing programme is designed to ensure that staff members truly thrive in their roles at Belzona. Indeed, this environment has proved to be conducive to a successful and thriving business. Over the years, Belzona has experienced considerable year-on-year growth in the turnover of Belzona Polymerics Limited.

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