Top 5 Reasons to Waterproof Brick Walls

Waterproof brick walls and other masonry surfaces based on five proven tips. Learn why it is good to use water-repellent treatment on buildings and structures.

Brick structures stand the test of time. People have used these building materials for centuries due to their abundance. They are from common natural materials such as clay and shale, easily extractable from the Earth. Also, they are nontoxic—they do not release any fumes or chemicals over time.

They are used for their durability and insulation. Bricks trap heat, even in the winter, and slowly release it throughout the day. Additionally, bricks become incredibly sturdy during the baking process. It allows them to endure pressure and movement.

Bricks are not susceptible to much damage. They do not rot, dent, or need paint. However, this does not mean they do not need some maintenance. Weather and natural forces are the biggest causes of damage to brick.

Moisture, freeze cycles, and aging may cause spalling, cracking, and water ingress. Nevertheless, there are preventative measures to protect brick walls. So, if you’re looking to protect and improve buildings and structures, here are five reasons brick walls need a waterproof treatment.

1. Retains Natural Appearance

Besides its sturdy properties, brick has also been used for its look. Architects have used them for their usual red color and texture; however, they come in other varieties. Applying a transparent and waterproof treatment will retain the natural beauty of a brick structure while also preserving it and protecting it from natural forces.

Old brick church built with natural brick
Old Brick Building

2. Maintains Cleanliness

Brick walls should be clean to ensure the beauty of a brick structure is seen. A clear cladding treatment is a maintenance method that will preserve the structure. The treatment will reduce dirt retention and prevent the growth of organic matter such as mildew, moss, and lichens. Brick is a porous material, so the little nooks and crannies provide a space for dirt and humidity to collect and develop unwanted dirtiness. The treatment will fill the pores, which will keep the surface clean.

3. Improved Insulation Properties

Brick already traps heat and releases it to keep establishments warm. A waterproof and transparent treatment will still allow the sunlight to warm the brick from the outside. It will keep the heat within the walls more, releasing more heat into the interior rather than heat escaping into the exterior.

4. Prevents Spalling and Cracking

The porous surface of bricks allows water and moisture to collect. In the winter, the water will freeze, and as water freezes into ice, it expands. In the warmer times of the year, the ice will melt, leaving behind voids and cracks in the brick. The freeze-thaw cycle will deteriorate the integrity of bricks.

Moreover, if there are steel rods or sheets within the structure, corrosion will also expand, creating cracks. A brick wall sealant will ensure that little moisture will seep into the pores of bricks, which prevents any structural damage to the masonry and the solidity of the wall or structure.

Brick school building with waterproof coating
Building With Waterproofed Brick Walls

5. Prevents Water Ingress

If spalling and cracks are not taken care of, leaking will begin. The leaking will cause musty smells and mold and mildew to grow. If there is any plaster or timber in the area, it can cause damp plasterwork and wet rot. Flooding can occur if the leak is extreme. A wall sealant for waterproofing will stop any leaks from the cracked brick-and-mortar. No rain, snow, or any other moisture will be able to seep into the structure enough to cause dangerous structural damage.

Bonus Tip

The treatment doesn’t only have to waterproof exterior brick walls. The treatment is used on stone walls, columns, and architectural details. They are also used for decorative or functional structures, for example, statues or railings. A waterproof treatment is a versatile tool to protect brick or stone.

Architectural detail waterproofed with BElzona 5122 (Clear Cladding Concentrate)
Architectural detail waterproofed with Belzona 5122 (Clear Cladding Concentrate)

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