Belzona Hosts First Europe & Africa Distributor Meeting in Four Years

Between Wednesday 19th October and Friday 21st October, Belzona was delighted to welcome its European and African Distributors to Harrogate for the first time since January 2018.

22 Distributors attended the event, making it an amazing opportunity to network, share knowledge, and form closer ties between Distributors and Belzona staff. Although some Distributors had attended Regional Meetings in February 2019 in Brussels and Milan, it was fantastic to have so many Distributors from the region together.

Jérémie Maillard, Export Sales Director, said: “Hosting our 2022 Distributor meeting in Harrogate was an honour after so many years of virtual interaction. Nothing can replace face to face meetings, especially when so many passionate individuals come together with a wealth of knowledge and experience. It was also a great opportunity for our Distributor Support Team to share some very valuable information with the network in order to continue growing in years to come!”

On Wednesday evening, Distributors attended an icebreaker session where Distributors and staff renewed their acquaintances in a relaxed environment over a drink and canapés.

Belzona’s Corporate Development team devised an agenda for Thursday packed with collaborative idea-sharing and practical sessions such as an evaluation of Belzona’s New Products and Opportunities, an update on Research and Development at the Company, and a refresher session on the Belzona Marketing Toolkit.

However, the highlight was undoubtedly the Belzona Walk of Fame Stars Ceremony to recognise the incredible work of Distributors, BELSE Sp. z o.o. (Poland) and AESSEAL (Pty) Ltd (South Africa), who have consistently demonstrated enthusiasm and dedication to the Belzona brand and consistently performed above and beyond expectations.

The special ceremony followed on from the inaugural Belzona Walk of Fame Stars Ceremony in Miami, Florida earlier this month, when Belzona Caribbean, Belzona Houston, Inc (USA) and Hita Comércio e Serviços LTDA (Brazil) were recognised.

Wiesław Kuczek (Chairman) and Roman Masek (Technical Director) accepted the award from Belzona Directors on behalf of BELSE and Shane Chester (Managing Director) and Gary van der Spuy (Belzona Manager) accepted for AESSEAL.

Staff and Distributors raised a champagne toast as a red carpet was laid out for the recipients, and a Walk of Fame Star was unveiled on the Belzona walkway for each of the Distributorships.

Joel Svendsen (Belzona President, centre), AESSEAL’s Shane Chester (Managing Director, right) and Gary van der Spuy (Belzona Manager, left) pose with their Walk of Fame Star
BELSE were delighted to receive their Belzona Walk of Fame Star

“At BELSE, we live by the values of creativity, openness, respect and recognition for others, and the ability to build relations and a unique atmosphere. We are very grateful that these values have been recognised by our friends at Belzona and the sight of the Star in the Belzona Walk of Fame gives great pride and joy for the whole team!”

Wiesław Kuczek

Chairman, BELSE Sp. z o.o.

“This award was in recognition of the entire Southern African Belzona team. AESSEAL is powered by long standing, committed and dedicated Sales and Technical teams that wear the Belzona brand on their hearts.”

Shane Chester

Managing Director, AESSEAL (Pty) Ltd

More entertainment was in store on Thursday evening, with a visit to Harrogate Brewery for street food, locally brewed beer and live music, which presented the chance to further strengthen personal and professional bonds.

Another productive day followed on Friday, with sessions on the Water Treatment, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas and Wind Power Industries, as well as demonstrations of Belzona’s Composite Repair Solutions and more opportunities to recognise Distributors’ successes.

As Distributors prepared to return to their various territories, all were in agreement about the undoubted value of in-person events such as this, and how refreshing it was to be able to share ideas, expertise and experiences with the Belzona family.

“It was wonderful to catch up with the Belzona staff and European and African Distributors after four years. As always, Belzona put together a well run, informative and professional conference which was thoroughly enjoyable.”

Philip Bryan

Distributor, Beltech Industrial (Ireland)

As a knowledge-based company, Belzona places vital importance on events where the various cogs of the Belzona operation can come together and continue to push the boundaries of innovation.

Watch this video to get a flavour of the event:

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