Belzona Offices Celebrate Achievements and the Holidays

Staff from each of Belzona’s Corporate Offices celebrated the holiday season during the annual December staff meeting. Employees in the UK, US, and Thailand took the time to enjoy activities, awards, and holiday spirit.

Celebrations at the UK Office on December 14th saw staff don festive attire for the Christmas meeting. First, the Board of Directors gave an update on the business plan in line with Belzona’s values. The Marketing Team gave a round-up of the year from their perspective too, reflecting on international travel, global events, and viral videos. After the presentations, a fun breakout game saw the team trying to identify their colleague’s baby photos. 

Woman receiving an award
Well-deserved awards were given for long-service

Amidst the festivities, the team celebrated birthdays, recognized role changes, and applauded well-deserved promotions. The Corporate Development Team also presented staff with awards to commemorate significant years of service and noteworthy achievements. 

In the spirit of giving, they also shared a charity update, announcing Belzona’s recent £10,000 donation to the White Rose Forest and the fantastic £2500 fundraised by staff for Cancer Research during 2023. The meeting then concluded on a festive note, with everyone coming together to enjoy a feast of Christmas platters. 

Room full of people enjoying food
Festive Platters were served for lunch!

On December 15, 2023, the Corporate Development Team at the Belzona Asia Pacific Office hosted a Christmas Staff Meeting. The festivities commenced with an icebreaker game, setting the tone for a day filled with joy and year-end celebrations.

Audience looking at a marketing presentation inside an office
Looking back at Marketing throughout 2023

They then went on to present our colleagues with recognition awards to honor their accomplishments and year-long contributions. Later, they sat down and listened to updates from each department including sales updates, a line-up of technical trainings in 2024, a sneak peek into the exciting staff activities planned for the upcoming year, and a look back into the marketing activities in 2023. 

In the afternoon, they carried on with a culinary journey in a Thai cooking class at a hotel in Pattaya. Every staff member had the opportunity to showcase their culinary skills, cooking Thai food like the famous Pad Thai, Green Curry, and Papaya Salad. The Belzona team’s common joy and variety of talents were highlighted by the activity.

Group photo of people dressed in aprons and chef hats
Belzona Thailand Office showing off their cooking skills

On December 19th the US Office began the celebration with a performance from a fire dancer. The dancer performed beautifully as she wielded swords and other accessories set ablaze and even set herself on fire, briefly.

Group photo of people with fire dancer performer
Belzona Distributor Support Dept. with a fire dancer

The event continued with corporate updates from the Board of Directors, and then they distributed awards to high-achieving employees from the past year, staff with milestone anniversaries, and birthdays. After the presentations, the Office enjoyed lunch, and then the dancing began.

Carnival dancers were brought to the Office for a performance set to Latin music. The lively performance not only entertained but also encouraged everyone to join in the fun and hit the dance floor. Staff members let loose, showcasing their best dance moves and creating a vibrant, celebratory atmosphere. The event not only added a touch of festivity but also strengthened the sense of camaraderie among the Belzona team, making it a memorable and uplifting way to wrap up the year.

Woman poses with group of carnival dancers
Belzona staff member with carnival dancers

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