Belzona Opens Fifth European SuperWrap II Training Centre

Belzona is proud to continue to build on over 70 years of engineering expertise by opening its fifth Belzona SuperWrap II Training Centre on the European continent in partnership with its Dutch Distributor, Perspect Benelux.

André van der Graaf, Product Manager, Perspect Benelux, outside the new Belzona Superwrap II Training Centre

André van der Graaf, Product Manager at Perspect Benelux, responsible for training at the facility, said: “After an intensive course at Belzona’s training facility in Harrogate I’m glad to share my knowledge on how to apply the Belzona SuperWrap II system as a fully certified trainer. We are working very hard to optimise our facility in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, to receive interested parties on how to apply Belzona SuperWrap II in certified conditions. Further information is available by email here.”

Perspect Benelux has obtained a wealth of experience in providing for its Customers in areas such as pipe repair and tank linings. The opening of the new certified Belzona SuperWrap II training centre will enable it to share its expertise with project leaders and maintenance colleagues.

In addition to the new centre in the Netherlands, Belzona SuperWrap II Supervisor and Installer Training is available in the European region at Beltech Solutions AS (Norway), Alliatech (France), Rodator (Spain) and B.S. Italia (Italy). An extensive range of courses is also offered at Belzona’s Corporate Headquarters in Harrogate (UK), Miami (USA), Ontario (Canada), Chonburi (Thailand) and Nanjing (China), ensuring consistently outstanding application standards for Belzona solutions across the globe.

Meanwhile, the Company recently opened its first training facility on African soil at AESSEAL, South Africa, ensuring that its Contractors can access a first class standard of training no matter where they are based.

“The opening of the Belzona SuperWrap II Training Centres, which are an extension of Belzona Corporate training, will help ensure that Installer and Supervisor training is available in the region to ultimately grow the Belzona SuperWrap II system while offering high end training and technical support.”

Ian Wade

Technical Services Manager, Belzona

Belzona SuperWrap II is a cutting-edge composite repair system, primarily used on damaged pipes and tank walls for a fast return to service. The pipe repair kit is available in three enhanced resins for application at different service temperatures, meaning that the solution can withstand temperatures between -60°C (-76 °F) and 150°C (302°F) once cured.

Since 2021, high training standards are upheld by the Belzona Corporate SuperWrap II Trainer Committee which audits trainers and facilities, as well as internal staff, every two years to renew their Belzona SuperWrap II accreditations.

All Belzona SuperWrap II training is also carried out in line with ISO 24817 and ASME PCC-2, ensuring that applications are taught to industry recognised engineering standards, while the courses can be delivered in either English or the centre’s native language to maximise accessibility.

Belzona’s outstanding application and training programme promotes safe and successful applications of its products, minimising failures and continuing to demonstrate innovation and expertise in industrial polymeric coatings.

Global Validated Training

Find out more about Belzona’s first-rate training programme here

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