Belzona Supports OEMs with High-Performance Coatings  

Traditionally known for its high performance repair and maintenance solutions, Belzona is expanding its reach into the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) market. With an extensive range of preventative maintenance coatings, Belzona can provide cost-effective alternatives for protecting and finishing OEM equipment such as pumps, tanks and heat exchangers. 

Rather than waiting until the damage is done, a large Manufacturer of heat exchangers in the Czech Republic specified the use of Belzona to enhance the durability and performance of their newly manufactured equipment. The Customer reached out to Belzona Authorised Distributor, STROJCONSULT Litvínov s.r.o. for a solution. 

One of 14 OEM Heat Exchangers coated with Belzona 

Why Choose a Belzona Coating?  

After learning about the benefits of Belzona 1593, the Company decided to coat all 14 newly fabricated heat exchangers to prevent corrosion and prolong the equipment’s lifespan.  

Belzona Application at Heat Exchanger OEM :

Each heat exchanger was lined with two coats of Belzona 1593, a high temperature brush-applied epoxy coating which provides corrosion protection for equipment operating under continuous immersion conditions. The team at Stroj Consult not only supplied the Belzona solution but also provided an expert team of applicators to complete the lining. The application was completed over a 14-day period offering the customer a comprehensive turn-key service.  

This solution is intended to extend the service life of the heat exchangers, ensure reliability of the equipment in demanding environments and provide cost savings in terms of downtime and maintenance. 

Key Features of Belzona 1593: 

Belzona 1593 provides outstanding corrosion protection for high-temperature equipment. This feature was crucial in addressing the Customer’s concerns about the longevity and effectiveness of their heat exchangers.The coating is suitable for continuous immersion in water and hydrocarbon mixtures at temperatures up to 160°C (320°F). This capability makes it an ideal solution for environments where temperature stability is paramount.

 Belzona 1593 exhibits excellent chemical resistance against a wide range of chemicals, including hydrocarbons and amines. This resistance ensures the integrity of the heat exchangers even in aggressive chemical environments, providing the Customer with a robust and long-lasting solution. 

Belzona’s OEM Capabilities 

By applying Belzona during the manufacturing stage, OEMs can offer their customers enhanced reliability and performance from the outset. 

The recent successful application of Belzona highlights the adaptability and superior performance of Belzona solutions, marking a new era for Belzona in preventative maintenance and OEM partnerships. It also opens doors for further collaboration with OEMs across various industries, demonstrating that Belzona’s high-performance coatings are not only ideal for repairs but also as integral components of new equipment. 

About STROJCONSULT Litvínov s.r.o.: 

STROJCONSULT has a longstanding association with Belzona and is now the exclusive Distributor for Belzona products in the Czech Republic. Serving a diverse range of industries, including power generation, wastewater management, steel mills, and petrochemical plants, STROJCONSULT offers advanced epoxy repair composites and high-performance coatings to address various maintenance challenges. The Distributorship ensures its customers receive local, 24-hour technical support and on-site assistance. 

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