Belzona Scores Big on Game Day

At Belzona we work hard but we also play hard. The Belzona Miami office hosted its very own soccer match for staff. Members from all departments came together for a fun game day.

The day started out with soccer matches and human hamster balls. People rammed into each other and rolled each other around while in the human-sized toys. On the other side of the field, the staff was hard at work pretending to be legendary soccer players like Pele and Maradona but failing. The call to lunch interrupted the match, so no one was declared the winner. Before eating, an IT department staff member said, “the soccer match was fun. People played okay and we were able to score some goals. I got to be a goalie and stopped the other team from scoring. It is super hot today so it’s not too ideal for a fun time but otherwise, it is a fun time. Soon I have to go inside to get some air and water.”

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After eating, we celebrated “Christmas in July.” Santa Clause arrived from the North Pole to give us an opportunity to take pictures with him and tell him what we are grateful for. Then, we painted stones with Christmas-inspired designs. Staff continued to play activities and sports until a big surprise arrived.

The staff had the fortune to have a petting zoo brought in. Baby sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, a donkey, and a very relaxed llama were all present. Staff members got to hold the rabbits and chicks, feed the baby goats, and take pictures with all the animals. The star was the relaxed llama. She sat in a shady area, unbothered by the crowd, allowing everyone to pet her and take pictures.

A Marketing department staff member said, “the llama was fun, it just sat down and didn’t move for a long time. I got to take pictures with it. I was surprised when I saw the trailer pull up with some animals inside. Looking closer and saw the llama peeking its head through the rails. When I came back outside a petting zoo with lots of animals were there. The rabbits looked a little scared and the guy from the warehouse was feeding the goats from a milk bottle.”

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