Belzona Hosts First “Pitch It!” Event 

This February, Belzona hosted its first-ever Pitch It event! This brand-new, two-day conference welcomed 75 attendees from Belzona’s Distributor and Consultant network to its headquarters in the picturesque town of Harrogate. Attendees flocked in from South Africa, Slovakia, Brazil and everywhere in between with over 44 nationalities attending. The Corporate Development Team spared no effort in creating an unforgettable event which served as a platform for guests to share ideas and experiences. 

The attendees of Belzona’s recent Pitch It event

Unlike any event Belzona had hosted before, Pitch It! shifted the spotlight onto the attendees, challenging them to step into the role of presenter. Everyone wishing to attend was tasked with submitting an idea they could present to their peers. The chosen speakers then presented a series of captivating talks, discussing large applications and replicable day-to-day opportunities they had undertaken using Belzona. By sharing their methods and successes, Distributors and Consultants served as a source of inspiration. Guests left with a trove of new strategies to replicate within their own business. 

“Thank you Laura, Natalie and the whole Belzona team for your perfect organisation of the Pitch It! event and for your hospitality. It was a great event, we learned a lot and we will do our best to replicate what we have learnt in our territories. Greetings from Zagreb”

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Danijel Malenica,

Technical Consultant, ISEA d. o. o 

Jeremie Maillard, Export Sales Director and Laura Bell, Corporate Development Manager introduced the event

Pitch It: Day One 

The event began on Monday with presentations on a range of applications and ideas from the heat of West-African gold mines, to protecting assets operating at cryogenic temperatures. Two panels of experts from the Belzona network oversaw each set of talks, posing key questions and engaging in detailed discussions with the presenters. Guests then sat down to a 3-course lunch and guest speaker Jeff Herndon, President at Belzona Alabama Inc, gave an inspiring talk on the importance of prioritising your team. To conclude the day’s events, Breanna Remmers, President of BHI Coatings, delivered an informative presentation which highlighted her success in e-marketing.  

“A big thank you to the entire Belzona team. The whole Alliatech team has left feeling boosted by all of its exchanges, whether it is conference days, or over a pint of beer!! The success of this event really demonstrates how involving Distributors makes the exercise so enriching. A very big thank you to Laura and Natalie for the quality of the organization!”

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Frédéric Harlé,

Director, Alliatech 

New Product Ideas 

The event not only highlighted successful applications, but also revealed a range of New Product Ideas. Distributors presented their concepts to the audience and panel, justifying the need in the market and specifying the required properties for each proposed product. Our dedicated Research and Development team is committed to exploring these ideas. Each of them will undergo a comprehensive research process, and those deemed viable will be brought to fruition. This collaborative approach underscores Belzona’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation, responding directly to the needs identified by its community it serves. 

Pitch It: Day Two

Day two commenced with an array of presentations covering topics ranging from hydropower to high temperatures. During Tuesday’s lunch session, guest speaker Wieslaw Kuczek, at BELSE Sp. z.o.o.  gave an insightful talk on effective motivation. At the end of day two, attendees headed out for an evening at the award-winning Harrogate Brewery, Rooster’s Taproom. Guests enjoyed a well-earned drink of Pitch-It branded lager and IPA as well as some tasty tapas. Entertainment was provided by two local musicians, Biz Denton and Ed ‘Balls’ Dennis who supplied some fantastic live music that got everyone dancing. 

A great time was had by all at Rooster’s Taproom

Celebrating Excellence: The Pitch It Awards 

In addition, this event featured the much-anticipated presenter’s awards. Throughout the event the panels scored each of the presentations, and the audience got the chance to vote for the most inspiring speaker for each category. 

Dougie Potts and Nico Verloop were both thrilled to take home two awards 

  • Dougie Potts, Senior Field Solutions Engineer at Belzona UK, won the Panels Choice for Most Replicable Big Opportunity, demonstrating his expertise and insight. Impressively, he also secured the admiration of the audience, winning the Attendees Choice for the Most Inspiring Big Opportunity. 
  • Nico Verloop, Director at Perspect Group B.V., also achieved significant recognition, securing awards for both Most Replicable Repeat Opportunity, chosen by the panel and Most Inspiring Repeat Opportunity, chosen by the audience. 
  • Bart Davis, Sales Manager at Belzona Houston Inc.,was the winner of the Best New Product Idea Award for his fantastic presentation.  
  • Abdessatar Aroua, Manager at Nouvelle Technologie de Réparation (Tunisia) won Most Entertaining Presenter.
  • Finally, Walid Fayed, Managing Director at Inter-Tech (Egypt) won Most Engaged Audience Member for his brilliant questions and contributions. 

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