Belzona Welcomes SuperWrap II Trainees

The Belzona Training Facility in Laem Chabang, Thailand, recently welcomed employees from Pan Mechanic Engineering for a two-day Belzona SuperWrap II Installer and Supervisor training course.

Located in Rayong Province, Thailand, Pan Mechanic Engineering has been the exclusive Belzona Distributor for over 34 years and recently placed the largest single order ever of Belzona 1111 (Super Metal) for one of Thailand’s leading Oil and Gas companies.

Day One – SuperWrap II Installer Training

Busaranya Manchoi, Technical Services Engineer for Belzona, started day one of the course with a comprehensive presentation and theory session on the installation of SuperWrap II. The presentation covered all aspects of SuperWrap II applications, such as health and safety, the terminology used, surface and material preparation, quality assurance and compliance processes.  

The Belzona SuperWrap II Installer Training course provides training and validation at an installer level, enabling successful attendees to carry out compliant applications of SuperWrap II under the supervision of a qualified Belzona SuperWrap II Supervisor.

After the presentation session, it was time for the trainees to get hands-on with Belzona SuperWrap II in the facility workshop. First, Ben Blackwell, Application Training Technician, and Chumpol Kanthong, Technical Service Technician, performed several application demonstrations on different types of equipment and substrates. The trainees were then asked to practice these same application techniques on a section of PVC pipe which included a straight section and a bend section.


Trainees in a classroom watching a Belzona SuperWrap II Installer PowerPoint presentation.
Belzona SuperWrap II Installer Presentation
Practical Session on PVC Pipe

Finally, for the examination part of the practical session, each trainee performed their own 4-wrap SuperWrap II application on a carbon steel test spool; the exam also required each trainee to record all QA/QC documentation. After completing the practical exam, the trainees took a 20-question SuperWrap II Installer exam based on what they had learned in the previous sessions; the trainees answers were then submitted online for assessment.


Trainee preparing materials for test application
Preparing Materials
Practical Exam on Carbon Steel Test Spool

The Belzona SuperWrap II repair system was engineered for pipe wrap and patch repairs as an alternative to replacing defective metallic substrates whilst providing superior strength, corrosion and chemical resistance. The system allows quick and easy equipment repair within various industries, including Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Marine.

Day Two – SuperWrap II Supervisor Training

To begin day two of the course, the trainees returned to the classroom for a Belzona SuperWrap II Supervisor presentation. Busaranya Manchoi once again hosted the session and gave an in-depth presentation on the requirements needed to become a certified SuperWrap II Supervisor. The presentation covered all aspects of the supervisory role, including duties and responsibilities, pipe defect assessment, repair design evaluation, quality assurance and repair inspections.

The Belzona SuperWrap II Supervisor Training course provides training and validation at a supervisor level, in accordance with ISO 24817 and ASME PCC 2 standards, enabling successful applicants to supervise compliant applications of Belzona SuperWrap II in the field.

After completing the presentation and theory session, the trainees returned to the workshop to watch a live SuperWrap II application. Each trainee was tasked with identifying five major application mistakes. After an assessment period, their findings were discussed with a focus on: mistakes identified, the severity and effects of these mistakes, potential solutions and preventative measures that could have been taken. Finally, the trainees completed a 25-question exam with their answers once again submitted online for assessment; this completed their supervisor training.


Belzona SuperWrap II Supervisor Presentation
Trainees Identify Application Mistakes

The two-day course concluded with the assessment of each trainees performance in the theory and practical sessions. We are pleased to announce that all the trainees from Pan Mechanic Engineering performed to a high standard and successfully completed both the installer and supervisor courses.


Belzona SuperWrap II Trainees and instructors stand outside the the Belzona Asia Pacific office
Course Instructors and Successful Trainees

To learn more about the training courses available at Belzona, please contact your Business Development representative or view our online event calendar.

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