Belzona Takes On Small Acts For A Big Impact

Belzona’s 71st Anniversary Celebration

February 14th was Belzona’s 71st anniversary and to celebrate, the three main Offices including Thailand, the US, and the UK, helped to repair, protect, and improve another aspect of our lives – our local communities.

Additionally, we have begun a global charity initiative. We ask that the Belzona network also participates in a charitable activity that centers on 71. For example, collecting 71 books, cans of food, pounds of trash, etc. These acts go hand-in-hand with Belzona’s new mission statement, Polymeric Solutions for A Sustainable Future. The statement reflects the future goals of the company, which is dedicating itself in many ways, via products or practices, to actively working towards a sustainable future.

By participating in these charitable acts, our small acts can have a big impact. Seeing the Belzona network contribute to this special 71st-anniversary celebration means that we are sharing prosperity and helping repair, protect, and improve another aspect of our lives—which is what we are all about.    

Mangrove Forest Restoration in Thailand

Thailand office 71st anniversary mangrove restoration
Mangrove restoration in Thailand

Belzona Asia Pacific volunteered to plant mangrove trees on February 14th at Laem Chabang Community Mangrove Forest. An area located not far from our facility in Thailand. Previously, the area was known for its fishing, and the livelihood of the locals was attached to the coastal ecosystem.

However, in recent years the area has seen some industrial development, which is threatening the coastal ecosystem and the fishing industry due to pollution and land development. The mangrove forests protect inland areas from flooding and erosion by reducing the impact of waves and storms. They also help improve the coastal ecosystems by providing fish nurseries and supporting food production. 

As a part of the Laem Chabang community, the Asia Pacific Team took part in this tree planting project to protect the environment in the area in which they live in. In accordance with the 71st anniversary, Belzona Asia Pacific planted 71 mangroves.

A Million Trees in Miami-Dade County

Tree planting in the US

Belzona partnered with Neat Streets Miami in their initiative called Million Trees Miami, which is dedicated to “growing a healthy urban forest that provides a minimum of 30 percent tree canopy coverage and the maximum social, economic, and environmental benefits to the region.”

The program was developed based on the idea that a sustainable and healthy urban forest provides communities with significant social, economic, and environmental benefits that promote a beautiful and thriving community. For example, trees provide shade, which decreases the need for air conditioning; trees reduce stormwater runoff, which prevents high water levels in soil; and trees improve air quality by absorbing pollutants and matter from the air.

Belzona and Neat Streets Miami collaborated on planting more than 71 trees at a local park in the Miami-Dade County area, in honor of the company’s 71st anniversary. The park essentially had no shade for the patrons of the park and there was no barrier between the park and the residential area. A natural barrier was created with native plant life between the homes and the park to improve the view and decrease disturbance thanks to Belzona’s efforts. Additionally, now there is shade for the citizens who enjoy the park.

UK Beautifies Local Charity for 71st Anniversary

On February 23rd and 24th, Belzona staff members assisted a local charity, Henshaws, by taking part in a planting project on the grounds of their Arts and Crafts Center. Henshaws is a charity supporting people living with sight loss and a range of other disabilities to go beyond expectations. Belzona has supported the Charity in the past through fundraising and pro-bono work.

Corporate Development Coordinator, Lily Alexander-Pike said “I’m so pleased and excited that Belzona staff are again able to spend volunteering time at Henshaws, a local charity that makes such a difference in the way of supporting local people living with disabilities. Our contribution of time and volunteers goes a long way for charities like Henshaws and we hope it generates a positive impact on their site for years to come, making it a more enjoyable place for their guests to visit.”

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