Belzona Launches 71st Anniversary Charity Campaign

To celebrate its 71st anniversary, Belzona is encouraging its Distributor network to centre their charitable efforts around the number 71.

Belzona’s Corporate Offices in Harrogate (UK), Miami (USA), Chonburi (Thailand), Ontario (Canada) and Jiangsu (China) are already organising a number of activities to support their local communities, and are now encouraging their Distributors to plan their own events.

The 14th of February 2023 marks 71 years since Belzona began repairing, protecting and improving facilities in an ever-increasing number of industries, prompting them to focus the campaign around the number 71.

Belzona has been repairing, protecting and improving industries since 1952

Belzona’s solutions have a track record of improving the integrity and performance of machinery, equipment, buildings and structures, and the initiative aims to celebrate this by helping to repair, protect and improve the communities around them.

The global initiative looks to reflect the merits of the Belzona Distributor Network, with each Distributor around the world making a difference locally through their own projects in contribution to Belzona’s overall positive impact.

“Belzona is committed to being part of a more sustainable future, and taking part in charitable acts is a fantastic way to make a global impact. I am excited to see what Distributors, Consultants, and Corporate staff can do to make this goal a reality!”

Alexander Ruiz

Digital Content Creator, Belzona

The campaign encompasses charitable and environmental projects, reflecting Belzona’s positive contributions to both industry and wider society; something that the Company has been actively promoting in recent years.

Belzona has placed an increasing emphasis on environmental schemes such as its partnership with the White Rose Forest and other tree planting enterprises. Polymeric repair and protection materials offer significant opportunities in realising a sustainable future through the conservation of manmade resources, prompting the business to launch its new mission statement: ‘Polymeric solutions for a sustainable future’.

Participants are encouraged to be creative in their engagement with the initiative, although possible means of contribution could include planting 71 trees, collecting 71 books for a school or donating 71 items to a food bank.

The campaign has been met with enthusiasm from across the Belzona community, with plans already in place such as gathering 71 pet items for an animal rescue shelter and planting 71 mangroves in a community mangrove forest.

Participants will share their contributions on social media, using #Belzona71 on LinkedIn to highlight the fantastic work they are doing to mark the celebrations and shine a light on the positive impact Belzona has been making since 1952.

Take a look at the below images to remind yourself of some of Belzona’s charity initiatives from the past 71 years, and maybe gain some inspiration for the 71st Anniversary Charity Campaign.

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