Floating Tank Roof Protected with Belzona at Petrochemical Refinery 

A petrochemical Refinery situated on the South African coast needed a solution for its floating tank roof. The close proximity of the storage tank farm to the coastline led to problems with sea spray and UV exposure. These harsh environmental conditions led to heavy corrosion and deterioration on the floating tank roof. Serving as a barrier between the stored liquid and the air, the roof minimises the evaporation of volatile compounds. However, the ongoing corrosion could eventually lead to a structural failure, allowing these emissions to escape and contribute to air pollution. In addition, the emissions would be extremely flammable, increasing the risk of fire and explosion at the site.

Tank with Floating Lid
The tank at the Petrochemical Refinery prior to coating 

Why Was Belzona Chosen? 

The Customer sought a hard-wearing, reputable system with excellent corrosion protection for their floating tank roof following the failure of competitor coatings. It was also imperative that the chosen solution be easy to clean, as previously applied systems experienced issues with dirt build-up.  

The Chosen Solution 

Chosen for its superior long-term corrosion protection, Belzona 6111 (Liquid Anode), was selected for the application. This zinc rich epoxy provides excellent corrosion resistance due to the purity and high content of zinc (at least 90% in the dry film) as well as the particle size and distribution. Its great resistance to marine environments made it a great fit for this application, where defence against damage from the constant sea spray was key. 

To further enhance the system’s chemical resistance and durability, Belzona 5111 (Ceramic Cladding) was chosen to overcoat this. This urethane coating is known for its longevity, offering the floating tank roof protection from corrosion and environmental attack. Both of these durable anti-corrosion coatings can also be spray-applied for a quick and easy in-situ application that fit the constrained timeframe, resulting in a hard-wearing protective system. 

How was the Solution Applied? 

First, the surface was prepared by grit blasting to ISO 8501-1 Sa 2½ very thorough blast cleaning to ensure an effective bond. The first coat of Belzona 6111 (Liquid Anode) was then applied to the floating tank roof. Airless spraying was chosen to carry out the work quickly during the narrow shutdown period during which the work could most conveniently be done. The next day, the second coat was applied in the same way.

Once the Belzona 6111 (Liquid Anode) had cured, two coats of Belzona 5111 (Ceramic Cladding) were also spray applied and left to cure. The combination of these two products formed a robust system protecting the roof from physical, chemical and bacterial attack going forward.

What Was the Result of the Application? 

The Customer was very satisfied with the finished application. As well as protecting the floating tank roof from corrosion, sea spray and UV attack, the application was successfully carried out within the time constraints. Plus, the final coating has been easy to keep clean as requested. By protecting their floating tank roof with Belzona, the customer has extended its lifespan, avoided costly replacement and opted for a more sustainable approach. 

Floating tank roof protected with high performance coatings 

Information about the distributor: 

AESSEAL(PTY) LTD has been the Belzona authorised Distributor for South Africa for over 25 years. Their success stems from a strong client base, skilled technical support, and a dynamic team of sales engineers. The growth of in-house applicators along with on-site solutions has positioned AESSEAL as a leading figure in the industry. 

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