Marketing Essentials Workshop: Mastering Marketing in Miami

In January, Belzona hosted the Company’s second Marketing Essentials Workshop for the North American Distributors at the Miami Office. The event took place over two days and the US Belzona Marketing Team met with Distributors from across the United States and Canada. Everyone who was part of the event had the opportunity to learn from each other throughout the event.

Marketing Workshop Attendees and Presenters
Marketing Workshop Attendees and Presenters

Marketing Essentials Workshop: Day One

The first day of the event saw presentations such as The Role of Marketing in a Distributorship, Aligning with the Belzona Brand, and B2B Content Marketing. Later, Distributors presented on their strengths in e-marketing strategies such as using AI with social media platforms, creating newsletters, and acquiring leads through digital platforms. At the end of the day, attendees enjoyed dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.

Marketing Workshop attendees participating in a group activity.
Marketing Workshop attendees participating in a group activity.

Day Two

The second day of the event carried on with presentations from the US Marketing Team such as Can AI Assist with Simple Content?, Google My Business Listing Optimization, and Marketing Planning & Budgeting. Attendees also had the chance to put themselves in the shoes of the Corporate Marketing Team and film a live leak repair demonstration in one of Belzona’s labs to create engaging social media content.

Finally, the Company invited local marketing expert, Dan Grech from BizHack Academy to speak to the attendees about how they can step up their marketing game by effectively using user-generated content and the rich resources Belzona provides on the BEL. Grech’s presentation drove it home as he was able to connect with Distributors as a small business owner doing marketing can really improve a company and generate more leads with the right methods.

Attendees filming a live leak demo
Attendees filming a live leak demo.

Through shared experiences and insightful discussions, our recent event emerged as a resounding success. Witnessing the diverse marketing efforts of our Distributorships was truly fascinating, reaffirming our commitment to better assist them on their marketing journey. As we eagerly anticipate the implementation of newfound knowledge, we’re excited to witness the upcoming marketing initiatives that will undoubtedly flourish with the application of concepts learned during the training.

Larissa Gerscheweski

Brand Manager

The Marketing Essentials Workshop proved to be a tremendous success, and Belzona is eager to uphold its dedication to training and collaboration by organizing more events in the future. The networking opportunities, valuable insights exchanged, and the motivation garnered over these two days will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the international Belzona marketing community.

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