New Epoxy Structural Adhesive Provides Metal Cold Bonding Solution

Facilities maintenance operations can face different circumstantial challenges which require modern solutions. Particularly for hazardous environments such as the oil & gas and petrochemical industries, cold-curing polymeric repair and protection materials can provide a novel means of bypassing these challenges.

This case study demonstrates a Customer’s use of Belzona’s cold-curing epoxy two-part structural adhesive, Belzona 7311, to navigate these challenges in the petrochemical industry to fulfil their maintenance needs.

This metal tank needed maintenance to both the base and the roof
Belzona 7311 structural adhesive cold bonded the metal
The structural epoxy adhesive, Belzona 7311, provided a cold bonding solution for the metal substrate

What was the Problem?

A metal storage tank in a Chemical Plant containing concentrated sulfuric acid required maintenance to both the base and the roof. The Customer needed to bond pipe supports to the top of the tank to reinforce the pipes directly above. However, the tank was installed with a rubber lining, ruling out hot work such as welding as a means of attaching the pipe supports.

Meanwhile, the existing tank base coating had been exposed to chemical attack and needed to be replaced with a suitable chemical-resistant coating to protect the tank from future chemical spills.

The pipe supports were cold bonded as welding was unsuitable
The internal rubber lining made welding inappropriate to bond the metal pipe supports

Belzona 7311: A New Cold Bonding Solution

Belzona’s first ever structural adhesive, Belzona 7311, proved to be the ideal cold bonding solution for the Customer’s requirements due to its high mechanical strength, cleavage and shear resistance. By using this technology, the supports could be cold bonded to the top of the metal tank without the associated risks of welding such as damage to the rubber lining and metal distortion known as Heat Affected Zones (HAZ). HAZ can be the result of the intense process of heating and cooling the substrate, leading to weaknesses in the metal and compromising the integrity of the weld joint.

Bonding of the Pipe Supports

The Contractor specified that the best way of attaching pipe supports was to cold bond six 254 mm by 254 mm (10 inch by 10 inch) metal plates to the top of the tank, which could then be cold bonded to the pipe supports. The chosen areas were marked with tape, before being prepared using handheld surface preparation tools. The application areas were prepared to SSPC-SP11 standard, producing a bare metal surface and a minimum 25 μm (1 mil) profile for a high level of adhesion.

The two-part epoxy adhesive, Belzona 7311, was then mixed and applied to both the substrate and the underside of the metal plates, before being held in place with no additional weight or pressure while the product was allowed to cure. Once the plates had been cold bonded to the metal tank, the pipe supports were subsequently attached to reinforce the pipes in operation above the tank.

Application of the Chemical Resistant Coating

Belzona 4311 (Magma CR1) was specified to protect the tank base due to its excellent chemical-resistant qualities, having encountered no significant deterioration after a year of immersion in up to 98% sulfuric acid at 40°C (104°F), when tested in accordance with ISO 2812-1.

In line with Belzona System Leaflet TCC-15, the old tank base coating was removed and the concrete surface was prepared with an ATEX-rated power tool and conditioned using Belzona 4911 (Cleaner/Degreaser) to ensure maximum adhesion for the new coating.

Two coats of Belzona 4311 (Magma CR1) were applied to provide long-term protection to the tank base, avoiding the harmful financial, safety and environmental consequences of a future leak.

Results of the Repair

The sulfuric acid tank base will be protected against chemical attack for the long term due to the excellent chemical resistant properties of Belzona 4311 (Magma CR1). Meanwhile, the Customer was delighted by the ability of Belzona 7311 to solve the challenges caused by the tank’s rubber lining, cold bonding the metal pipe supports securely without the need for welding. The Customer was also very impressed by the high mechanical strength, cleavage and shear resistance demonstrated by the cold bonding solution during the application.

Belzona's structural adhesive successfully completed the cold bonding application
The strength of the cold bonding solution allowed the pipe supports to be seamlessly attached to the top of the tank

Cold Bonding Solution in Action

This application presented a perfect example of the opportunities provided by the epoxy two-part structural adhesive, Belzona 7311 as a cold bonding solution, offering an effective and safe alternative to welding. The solution can be used for structural bonding applications requiring high mechanical strength, cleavage and shear resistance, including ladders, handrails and plate bonding, and is suitable for harsh service environments.

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