Belzona Shortlisted for Sustainability Award

Belzona was shortlisted for the ‘Sustainability’ Award, as part of the Harrogate Advertiser’s Business Excellence Awards. In order to be shortlisted for the Award, Belzona had to demonstrate strength in the following areas:

• Ensuring its environmental impact is kept to an absolute minimum, for example through recycling, carbon offset, water conservation or sustainable energy schemes
Sustainability achievements in the last 12 months
• How you are helping to drive wider progress in the green economy
• Demonstrate your business growth and financial success whilst delivering social and environmental benefit

Below is an overview of Belzona’s submission for this Award.

New Business Plan Structured Around ‘Environmental Champion’ Ethos 

Since 1952, Belzona has supported a circular economic business model by helping clients to avoid asset decommissioning and replacement and instead, has actively improved their assets using industrial coatings and repair composites to enhance longevity, durability and performance. In turn, the Belzona solution, facilitated by a global team of 140 Distributors across 60 countries, helps to support a greener future for the planet, which is absolutely fundamental to Belzona’s ethos.   

Indeed, as industrial sectors are now investing more in ESG strategies and circularising their businesses to become increasingly sustainable, in line with this, in 2022, Belzona launched a three-year Business Plan with one of the strategic goals being: ‘To be recognised as an environmental champion by customers and staff”.  
In conjunction with what is identified in the Business Plan as ‘the three I’s’ including, Investment, Integrity and Innovation’, this business goal along with these values is encapsulated in not only the carbon mitigation that can be achieved through investment into Belzona technology, but also, as outlined below, in the industries the Business supports as well as its environmentally sustainable business practices.

– Decades of Solutions in the Hydropower Sector  
According to the International Energy Association’s (IEA) ‘Net Zero by 2050’ Roadmap (revised version 2021), hydropower capacity needs to ‘double by 2050’ in order to support a net zero emissions by 2050 pathway. Belzona’s range of polymeric solutions have been used in the hydropower industry for decades; making the Business perfectly poised to support the growth of this sector. Not only does polymeric technology help to keep critical hydropower assets functioning, but it has been proven to intrinsically improve the integrity of key assets for the long term. For example, Belzona 1341 (Supermetalglide) has been proven to increase the efficiency of fluid handling equipment, such as pumps, by up to 7% on new equipment and up to 20% on refurbished equipment (Surface Inspection: Leeds University).  

Belzona industrial coatings support decarbonisation of hydropower industry
Belzona industrial coatings support hydropower industry

– Belzona Technology Prolongs Lifespan of Wind Power Assets  
According to the IEA’s Roadmap: ‘By 2050, almost 90% of electricity generation comes from  renewable sources, with wind and solar PV together accounting for nearly 70%.’ This is an increase in capacity from 7.03% (based on 2018 figures) to 80 – 82% by 2050 (Climate Action Tracker). Considering the imminent exponential growth of the wind industry, Belzona technology plays a key role in safeguarding the integrity of wind assets. This is thanks to its comprehensive range of solutions for wind turbines including the leading edge repair composite and protective coating, Belzona 5711 and Belzona 5721, respectively. The former of which was recently launched in 2022. In addition, Belzona’s Research and Development (R&D) Team are currently in the process of developing the next generation, rain-erosion coating, Belzona 5731.

Fast, in situ application of leading edge repair and protection solution, Belzona 5711

– Mitigation of Harmful SF6 Gas 
In 2022, Belzona created a custom solution that enabled asset owners in the electrical power distribution sector to achieve a 90-95% SF6 leak reduction rate, with an ambition to reach 100% in the near future. 23,500 times more potent than CO2, SF6 is considered the world’s worst greenhouse gas. Therefore, Belzona’s work will in future play a vital role in mitigating the environmental impact of SF6 leaks. 
– Development of Products with High Levels of Renewable Carbon Content  
The Belzona R&D Team are currently in the process of formulating products made from bio-based materials that are produced from sustainable plant-based feedstocks, rather than the traditional fossil-fuel based ingredients.  
– Creation of the Environmental Committee   
In order to oversee targets and drive forwards environmental initiatives, in 2021, Belzona established an Environmental Committee. This Committee comprises passionate staff from a variety of business disciplines who have the skills and drive to champion the environmental agenda. 
– Calculation of Carbon Footprint   
Belzona is working with its own supply chain to determine the carbon footprint of its products, as well as the carbon footprint of the Business. By mapping out its carbon footprints, Belzona will be able to gain an understanding of its impact on the environment and work towards mitigating this impact.  
ISO 14001 Environmental Certification 
Compliance with this internationally recognised standard demonstrates Belzona’s commitment to sustainable practices across the Business including areas such as: storage, distribution, product development, manufacturing, etc. 
– Local Environmental Projects 

Throughout 2022 – 2023, Belzona staff have taken part in a number of local environmental projects. These include planting over 1,000 trees as part of an ambitious three-year partnership with the White Rose Forest. Acorn collecting as part of a community project organised by Yorkshire wildlife organisation, KindleWoods and the White Rose Forest. They also assisted a local charity, Henshaws, in a planting project on the Charity’s grounds.  

Tree planting facilitates environmental, economic and community benefits
Belzona plant over 1000 trees in local area

Other initiatives include: internal energy awareness campaigns, products supplied in unit sizes designed to minimize waste, UN cartons with reduced cardboard content and increased strength, and research into the development of coatings for solar cells. 

Internal energy awareness campaigns

Business Growth and Financial Success
Commenting on Belzona’s business success, Jevon Pugh, R&D Director, said:  

“Belzona’s growth over the last few years has been strong. This is believed to be due to Belzona winning business from competitors via a combination of i) outstanding products, ii) outstanding service and iii) reliable product supply post-Covid – all enhanced by new business opportunities in renewable energy and other sectors.”

Polymeric Solutions for a Sustainable Future
With the ongoing adoption of climate-friendly practices, Belzona will continue to make important steps that move the business towards an increasingly environmentally sustainable future; in keeping with the Business’ new strapline – Polymeric Solutions for a Sustainable Future.

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