Belzona 3111 Has Passed the Extensive Testing Required to Become Miami-Dade Approved

Belzona announces that after undergoing and passing a rigorous set of testing as specified by ASTM D-6083 standard, Belzona 3111 has gained Miami-Dade County product approval*.

Belzona 3111 is a single-component liquid-applied acrylic roofing coating designed for the waterproofing and weatherproofing of concrete, steel, bitumen and felt type roofs and various roofing elements (skylights, glazing bars, gutters, joints and seams, parapet walls). The coating creates a seamless finish offered in light grey and white colors to protect the substrate from high levels of heat absorption. Its low odor enables the application to take place during working hours with minimum disruption to the operation process of the facility. The coating is intended for the applications on roofs of commercial and industrial facilities.

Belzona 3111 has recently passed extensive testing requirements under the ASTM D-6083, a standard specification for liquid-applied acrylic coating used in roofing. This result has enabled Belzona 3111 to be approved by the Miami-Dade County RER – Product Control Section to be used in Miami Dade County and other areas where allowed by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Belzona 3111 has been designed to comply with the Florida Building Code including the High Velocity Hurricane Zone of the Florida Building Code.

Miami-Dade NOA No.: 19-1112.01

Due to Florida’s high velocity hurricane zones, Miami-Dade County has the most stringent code requirements for the Florida Building Code. The product approval system under the Miami-Dade County Product Control Section is viewed as the benchmark for code related building product approvals related to the wind resistance and structural integrity of buildings and building components.

In one of our previous posts “Breaking Tradition : the Evolution of Roofing Maintenance”, we talk about the evolution of roofing maintenance materials and how liquid-applied polymeric membranes are surpassing their traditional counterparts in performance and longevity.

Now let’s put Belzona 3111 Flexible Membrane into action and look at a case study. In fact, Belzona maintains a substantial database of case studies on this publicly accessible website, 

Belzona Refurbishes Old Weathered Industrial Roof

The application was carried out in Miami, FL. The raining season was about to begin and this roof had several leaks and deteriorated areas that were potentially going to become problematic.

Application was carried out in accordance with Belzona System Leaflets RPA-1 and RPA-8.

Surface was cleaned via pressure washing. Belzona 3911 was applied with a brush as a primer over the entire roof and Belzona 3921 was applied over any metallic substrate. Belzona 3111 was spray applied over the horizontal surfaces and brush applied over seams and difficult geometries. Belzona 9311 sheet was additionally applied to problem areas such as joints, seams and glazing bars as additional reinforcement.

Belzona 3111 was chosen over other alternative solutions because of  their compliance with stringent standard ASTM D6083.

Belzona 3111 has a long track record of successful applications on roofs, gutters, joints, ponded areas, parapet walls, seams, flat roof areas, glazing bars, flashings, complex roofs and domes, tank base sealing.

Protected Roof

In this video, we demonstrate Belzona 3111 being applied:

Since 1971, Belzona’s cold-applied, liquid roof membranes have been used to effectively repair and protect all areas of damaged roofs including joints, seams, up-stands, flashings, and gutters.

The roofing membranes offer outstanding waterproofing and weatherproofing capabilities, ensuring long-term roof leak repair and reducing the need for expensive replacement and disruptive structural work. 

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*Approval may change by region.

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