Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world. Due to a wide range of regular uses, damage and deterioration are highly common problems that can arise in buildings and structures. In a previous blog post “Concrete Solutions from Floor to Ceiling”, we discussed some of the most common problems associated with concrete damage.

In the same post, we also highlighted Belzona’s concrete polymeric repair systems and how they benefit over traditional and alternative concrete repair methods, both in terms of performance benefits as well as application advantages.


Belzona 4141 (Magma Build) has been an established lightweight, rebuild material specified for thousands of projects around the world especially for the rebuilding and protection of damaged vertical and overhead concrete surfaces, even without the use of shuttering during cure and only minimal support during the application.

Read below some real world examples of Belzona 4141 in action:


Industry: Buildings & Structures (BSTR)

Location: Blackpool, England

Application Date: October 2011

Carbonation of the reinforced concrete had led to extensive spalling on ceilings and walls, which required urgent repair. Belzona 4141 was used as a lightweight, overhead repair. The material’s fast cure meant that the parking deck was reopened with minimum disruption and the repairs could be directly over-painted after just 3 days, which was the amount of time required to complete the concrete repair.


Industry: Oil & Gas (OILG)

Location: Kuwait

Application Date: February 2018

Water ingress and weathering had caused corrosion of the reinforcement bar, leading to cracking and spalling of the concrete supports. There was a timeframe of 7 days to complete the entire application. Belzona 4141 (960kg of material) was used to rebuild the surface to the original dimensions. For additional protection from weathering and potential spillage from the vessel, 2 coats of Belzona 5811 (Immersion Grade) were added to protect the vessel support.


Belzona 4141FR has been developed as a fire resistant, lightweight repair composite for the rebuilding and protection of damaged vertical and overhead concrete surfaces.

This high-build system simplifies application whilst providing durable results. Both thanks to its mechanical properties and the fact that it is fire resistant, it received a Euroclass Classification of B s1 d0.

B: Provides very limited contribution to fire growth

s1: Little to no smoke produced during combustion

d0: No flaming droplets produced during combustion

Additionally, as a solvent-free material, it is ideal for both internal and external masonry. It will not alter in appearance as it experiences no shrinkage during cure.

Belzona 4141FR Packaging
Belzona 4141FR


In the world of construction, safety is a top priority. Fire can lead to catastrophic damage through the loss of structural integrity to buildings and structures, and a high production of smoke and heat. Smoke is a hazard of any fire. Not only releasing toxic fumes, but also decreasing visibility. Particular areas such as tunnels, metro/subway systems and high-rise buildings, are more susceptible to smoke and concentrated heat, which can dramatically increase the risk of environmental damage and threat to life.

To ensure these dangerous factors are minimised, Belzona 4141FR was put to the test against fire and heat to showcase the advantageous properties of the composite material over traditional and alternative concrete repair methods.

View the video below and see how Belzona 4141FR performed:


Not only does Belzona 4141FR excel in terms of performance properties against traditional and alternative materials, but it also has a number of key benefits during application to minimise downtime, lower labour costs and produce long-term protection.

Lightweight Properties: Installation of formwork/shuttering for overhead and vertical repairs is more costly (intensive labour and material) and time consuming. The lightweight properties of Belzona 4141FR mean there is no need for formwork/shuttering during, or even after the application.

No Specialist Tools Needed: Belzona 4141FR can be applied to a smooth, high-standard finish using basic hand tools, such as a steel float and hawk.

Solvent-Free: As a solvent-free material, it is ideal for both internal and external masonry, releasing no toxic fumes, as well as not experiencing any shrinkage, expansion or distortion upon curing.

The video below demonstrates how to mix and apply Belzona 4141FR for overhead, vertical and corner sections of concrete:


Application areas of Belzona 4141FR

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  1. Trish Blassingame

    I just watched your video on Fire Resistant Concrete, this is one amazing product! I can only imagine the benefits. Thanks for the post and looking forward to reading about your products.

    1. Jamie Hutchinson
      Jamie Hutchinson

      Hello Trish,

      Thank you for taking interest in our post and keeping up with our videos!

      If you require any further information on our range of solutions, please feel free to contact a Belzona representative:

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  2. Roger

    I’ve never heard of Belzona’s fire resistant concrete. How long has it been available for? Tx!

    1. Jamie Hutchinson
      Jamie Hutchinson


      Thank for reading our blog.

      Belzona 4141FR was made available in selected regions in July 2019.

      If you would like further information, please feel free to contact a local Belzona representative:

      Kind regards,
      Belzona Team

  3. Scarlet Aaron

    Very valuable info. While concrete is a solid development material, it can in any case split. Temperature changes, heavyweights, and dropped items would all be able to harm your solid floor by causing splits and openings. Luckily, fixing harmed concrete is a simple assignment. Thank you for sharing this blog

    1. Jamie Hutchinson
      Jamie Hutchinson


      Thank you for your interest and for reading our blog!

      Kind regards
      Belzona Team

  4. John

    Warm Regards Belzona Team! After a long time, I found your blog interesting. I have read many related posts and those are not so creative. But here I have got so many fantastic ideas for concrete damage and repair. I think this is a fantastic blog. Thank you so much for sharing such a piece of useful knowledge.

    1. Jamie Hutchinson
      Jamie Hutchinson


      We are very happy to hear you enjoy reading our content and hearing about our latest solutions.

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