Top Three Polymeric Solutions for Expansion Joints, Roofs and Concrete Areas in Swimming Pools

High-Performance Elastomer, Waterproof Membrane and Epoxy Concrete Repair Systems

For decades, Belzona has been deploying a comprehensive range of polymeric solutions in swimming pool facilities all around the world. In this blog post, we take a look at the top three Belzona systems that maintenance teams are using to repair, protect and improve expansion joints, roofs and concrete areas for the long term.

Polymeric materials for expansion joints, roofs and concrete areas (Photo by Patrick Wong on Unsplash)

Combating the Effects of Erosion, Corrosion and Chemical Attack

Due to the temperature, humidity in the air and the chemicals added to the water, various swimming pool areas are highly susceptible to erosion, chemical attack, physical impact and structural movement, as well as general damage of equipment, surfaces and finishes.

In particular, expansion joints, roofs and concrete areas are particularly susceptible to degradation.  
However, conducting maintenance work in these areas can be problematic: any disruption to the operation of these facilities may seriously affect the revenue stream as well as impact the customer experience.

To combat this damage and bypass the issues that can arise due to lengthy periods of downtime, Belzona 2000, 3000 and 4000 Series of epoxy repair mortars, membranes and elastomers can be deployed.

Spotlight on: Belzona 4111, Belzona 2211 and Belzona 3111

To rebuild, resurface and protect damaged concrete areas, the epoxy repair mortar, Belzona 4111, can be specified. Specially developed to provide long-term abrasion resistance, this epoxy concrete repair material is the perfect solution for rebuilding deteriorated areas.

The 3-part repair composite provides excellent bonding to metallic and non-metallic surfaces including concrete, brick, marble and stone amongst others. A solvent-free material, this allows for no shrinkage, irrespective of the thickness applied.

Damaged concrete, tiling and grouting areas in swimming pool
Damaged concrete, tiling and grouting areas in swimming pool
Belzona application in progress
Belzona application in progress
Concrete repair with epoxy repair mortar, Belzona 4111
Concrete repair with epoxy repair mortar, Belzona 4111

For the creation and repair of expansion joints, the polyurethane resin, Belzona 2211 (MP Hi-Build Elastomer) can be specified. This flexible elastomeric repair material is appropriate for applications where high build, durability and elasticity are required.

With excellent resistance to erosion and corrosion along with outstanding elongation properties, Belzona 2211 offers a long-term expansion joint solution. Indeed, this system has been proven to provide elongation of up to 700%.

Deteriorated expansion joint at swimming pool
Successful installation of expansion joint with polyurethane elastomer, Belzona 2211

Belzona 3111 (Flexible Membrane) is specially designed to bond strongly to all types of roofing materials, providing outstanding waterproofing and weatherproofing protection.

Due to its microporous structure, this roof membrane will follow even complex roof contours and will allow the surface to breathe. Certified by the Board of Agrément, Belzona 3111 has been proven to provide excellent protection of roofs in excess of 25 years.

Application of roof membrane to swimming pool roof
Belzona 3111 (Flexible Membrane) waterproof membrane for roof areas
Application of room membrane to swimming pool roof

Minimum Downtime Achieved Thanks to Cold-Curing Polymeric Materials and Fast Application Method

The cold-curing properties of Belzona’s polymeric systems facilitate a fast application, which in turn ensures that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. In addition, as Belzona applications can be carried out without the need for specialist tools, this further simplifies the application process. In these ways, swimming pool owners can maximize their profit revenues and minimize any disturbances caused to swimming pool users.

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