Belzona Employee Wins Manufacturing Content Creator Award  

Senior Copywriter at Belzona, Chloe Hirst, has been awarded the title of – ‘Manufacturing Content Creator of the Year (UK)’ (2023) by Acquisition International as part of the Company’s eighth annual Influential Businesswoman Awards.

Acquisition International (AI), an international, monthly digital business magazine, set up the awards to celebrate the achievements of women across the globe who are a driving force in their industry. 

“In 1952, Belzona established itself as a global leader in repair and maintenance technology. Over 71 years on, it’s important that we continue to uphold this reputation. Chloe’s thought leadership articles have an important part to play in this: they offer valuable information, thought-provoking insights and opinions on current, trending topics that Belzona is an authority on. Ultimately, they help to establish Belzona as the industry leaders that we are.

From hydropower and wind power to carbon footprinting and decarbonisation, Chloe’s articles cover a variety of interesting topics, often with a sustainability focus at the heart of them. Indeed, as Belzona’s new mission statement is – Polymeric Solutions for a Sustainable Future – Chloe’s articles help to communicate this message.

Massive congratulations to Chloe for winning the award – this is a fantastic achievement and very well deserved! Well done!”

Rhiannon McIver

Marketing Supervisor

Examples of Chloe’s thought leadership articles include: 

Is Simply ‘Maintaining’ Key Assets in Pumped Hydro Storage Power Plants Enough? 
Can Polymeric Technology Help to “Accelerate Decarbonization” Across Multiple Industries? 
Decarbonising Hydropower with Industrial Coatings and Repair Composites 
What Role Does Polymeric Technology Play in Burgeoning Wind Industry? 
Composite Repair Materials And Protective Coatings Critical To Success Of Waste-To-Energy Plants 
How Pharmaceutical Companies Are Saving Money And Reducing CO2 Emissions 

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Acquisition International Magazine for awarding me this title. This genuinely means a great deal to me. I take great pride and pleasure in my craft as a Senior Copywriter, so it is such an incredible feeling to have my work recognised in this way. I am also very fortunate to work with some truly wonderful, inspirational colleagues, thank you for your continued support and encouragement!” 

Chloe Hirst

Senior Copywriter

Belzona Invests in its Content Team 
In Belzona’s new mission and values statement, three core values were outlined which underpin the Business – integrity, innovation, investment. Belzona is committed to ‘investing’ in a Content Team who are capable of writing these types of thought leadership articles. As discussed, these articles play a crucial role in establishing Belzona as a world-leading authority on all things industrial coatings and composite repair systems. 

To follow Chloe on LinkedIn, please click here.  

Want to Read More of Chloe’s articles? 
Visit Chloe’s Full Portfolio on the Belzona Blog 

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