Belzona Leak Repair Saves Swimming Pool at Holiday Park

At a well-known Holiday Park in the UK, a rapidly deteriorating pipe leak was discovered late at night underneath one of the Park’s main attractions – its expansive swimming pool. Just 16 hours after the initial discovery, Belzona had carried out the leak repair and fortified it for the long term.

The Problem: Worsening Pipe Leak

The substantial leak was identified under the recreational pool, spa, and flume complex during the height of the summer season at 10pm. The Site Services Manager grew increasingly concerned as it became clear the severity of the leak was increasing, resulting in over 50 litres of heated water being lost every minute.

Not only did this result in expenses for water and heating, but it also incurred costs for the cleaning process. Coupled with the looming risk of potential flood damage, this could have amounted to significant financial losses for the company if the leak had persisted. In addition, the environmental impact of the water wastage was a major concern.

The Site Manager then discovered a traditional repair would take months as a replacement pipe and fittings could not be sourced locally. A quicker solution was needed, so around midnight, he contacted Belzona and requested that an emergency team attend the site and carry out the leak repair.

The Solution: Belzona’s Quick and Effective Leak Repair

Upon their arrival early the next morning, the Belzona team quickly determined that Belzona 1161 (Super UW-metal) should be used as it has been specifically designed for application to wet and oil-contaminated surfaces. This 2-part composite material is based on a silicon steel alloy, ideal for this sort of leak repair on a metal pipe. Well suited for in situ applications, it is also solvent-free and easy to mix and apply without the need for specialist tools. Additionally, it was recommended that this system be used in conjunction with Belzona 9341 (reinforcement tape), an open mesh fabric that reinforces and strengthens the repair.

They promptly isolated the pipe and used a bristle blaster to prepare the surface around the leak. Jubilee Clips were then used to secure a plate over the leak, and Belzona 1161 (Super UW-Metal) was incorporated with Belzona 9341 (Reinforcement tape), creating a bandage that could be tightly wrapped around the pipe to reinforce the repair. A final layer of Belzona 1161 (Super UW-Metal) was applied to overcoat the reinforcement tape, creating a durable leak repair. The pipe was then brought back up to full pressure, with no sign of any remaining leaks.

Success: Sustainable Leak Repair and Massive Cost Savings

Just 16 hours after the leak was first discovered, Belzona had stemmed and reinforced the leak and the supply main was brought back up to full pressure. This quick leak repair saved the popular Holiday Village thousands of pounds, minimising the shutdown time of the pool during its busiest season and offering a more sustainable solution by giving them the option to repair, not replace.

Looking Ahead: Streamlining Future Maintenance

Fast forward two months, and this leak repair is still in perfect condition. As a result, our expert technical consultants recently revisited the popular Holiday Park to deliver on-site training. Our highly experienced applications team equipped the Park’s staff with the theoretical and practical knowledge required to use Belzona products in-house moving forward. This ensures an even quicker response time and a more flexible approach to reactive maintenance in future.

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