8 Steps To Creating Safety Markings

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Introduction to safety markings

Safety markings are an essential component to a safe workplace. Most importantly, the floors must be clearly marked. Therefore, one of the most common uses for safety markings is designating aisles and paths in high traffic areas such as warehouses, storage facilities and production terminals. When managed and designed properly, safety markings improve safety, productivity and the overall efficiency of the work flow.

Belzona How-To

In this blog post, we demonstrate how to create safety markings with Belzona 5231 (SG Laminate). Belzona 5231 is a two-part epoxy coating designed to resist abrasion and chemicals. When combined with an aggregate, Belzona 5231 creates a slip-resistant flooring solution. Belzona 5231 comes in a variety of colors. For this application, we used Belzona 5231 in bright yellow as required by OSHA standards.



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Video: How to create safety markings with Belzona 5231

In “Concrete Solutions from Floor to Ceiling” post we address various challenges and damage that concrete might experience, and solutions that Belzona offers to help tackle those challenges.

For this application, we used Belzona 5231 (SG Laminate) in bright yellow for high visibility. First of all, we cleaned and prepared the surface. Since the application was carried out on bare concrete, we used a scarifier to abrade the substrate. If an application area has an existing coating, the area can be pressure washed and abraded with an emery cloth. Following surface preparation, we mixed Belzona 5231 Base and Solidifier and transferred to a tray. We used a paint roller to apply Belzona 5231. In this case, we applied two coats of Belzona 5231 to provide better visibility. If desired, one thicker coat may be used instead.

Supplies and tools needed for a safety marking application with Belzona 5231

8 steps to creating safety markings with Belzona 5231


Step 1: Tape Repair Area

Step 1: Tape Area for safety markings application

Tape off the application area in accordance with OSHA. Aisle markings width between 2″ to 6″ is considered acceptable.

Step 2: Prepare Repair Surface

Step 2.prepare.surface for safety markings application

Prepare the surface using a concrete scarifier.

Step 3: Remove Dust

3. Remove Dust for safety markings application

Remove all dust and debris generated after the concrete surface preparation.

Step 4: Tape Off Application Area

Step 4. Tape area for safety markings application

Using tape, mark off the area for the application of safety markings.

Belzona 5231 APPLICATION

Step 5: Mix Belzona 5231

Step 5. Mix Belzona 5231 for safety markings application

Thoroughly mix the Base and Solidifier of Belzona 5231 until a homogeneous color is achieved.

Step 6: Apply 1st Coat

Step 6: Apply 1st Coat for safety markings application

Transfer the mixed material into a paint tray and apply the 1st coat with a roller.

Step 7: Apply the 2nd Coat

Step 2: Apply 2nd Coat for safety markings application

After the 1st coat has fully cured, apply the 2nd coat by roller.

Step 8: Remove Tape

Step 8: Remove Tape for safety markings application

Remove tape.


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  • Chuck Billing

    Yes The yellow makes for good safety line markings. The red and blue(handicap area blue) should be in this line.
    Red is used in areas such as helicopter pads and other areas.

    These 2 colors if marketed properly would complete the safety package …even though the quantities would be less sales
    of these 2 colors.

  • Yulia Burova
    Yulia Burova

    Dear Chuck,

    Thank you for your comment!

    Yulia Burova

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