How to Repair Overhead Spalling Concrete


Spalling concrete is quite a common issue in concrete repairs. Poor concrete installation, corrosion of the reinforcement bars, freeze-thaw weathering, de-icing, temperature fluctuations – all these factors may cause concrete spalling. If left unattended, damaged concrete might compromise the integrity of the entire concrete structure. It might lead to further water ingress, deeper spalling, concrete crumbling, exposure to reinforcement bars, structural disintegration. Additionally, spalling concrete might pose a serious safety hazard to the general public as well as to the physical property. Especially, if the spalling parts are located overhead, for example, edges of balconies, parapet walls, entrances, archways and bridges. To prevent accidents and to reduce safety hazards, spalling concrete requires an immediate attention and response.

Put it To the Test: Belzona vs. Concrete

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Drawing: Overhead Spalling Concrete Repair with Belzona 4141

In this blog post, we demonstrate an easy-to-apply spalling concrete repair with Belzona 4141. Belzona 4141 is a lightweight epoxy composite designed for the concrete repairs on overhead and masonry structures. Unlike many conventional concrete systems that require a long period of curing (up to 28 days), Belzona 4141 reaches a full mechanical cure within 12 hours and a full chemical cure in 3 days at an optimal temperature of 25C (77F). In addition, the repaired area can be painted over to match the color and texture of the entire structure. In this repair demonstration we used temporary shuttering to create fencing while the product was applied. However, for some applications with Belzona 4141, shuttering is not always needed, which makes the repair easy to carry out.

Video: How To Repair Overhead Spalling Concrete with Belzona 4141

Step-By-Step Instructions of Overhead Spalling Concrete Repair with Belzona 4141


Prepare the Shuttering

Apply Belzona 9411 (Release Agent) on all of the parts of the pre-fabricated shuttering.

Clean the repair area

Remove all the dust and particles with Belzona 9111 (Cleaner/Degreaser).

Condition the repair area

Mix Base and Solidifier of Belzona 4911 (Magma TX Conditioner) and apply it to the entire repair area.

Install Shuttering

If needed, install a temporary shuttering to assist with concrete setting.

Mix Belzona 4141

Thoroughly mix Belzona 4141 until a homogenous mixture is achieved.

Apply the Product

Firmly press the mixed material into the repair area. Ensure that the product is well compacted to avoid air entrapment.

Form the edges

Using a trowel compact the mixed material and form the edges of the repair area.

Remove excess

With a trowel, remove excess material.

Smooth Out

Once the material has cured, smooth out the repair area and the edges with an emory cloth.

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