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The marine industry plays a critical role in global transportation and trade, but boats and marine equipment face a myriad of issues that demand innovative solutions. Enduring the relentless forces of offshore weather, saltwater exposure and galvanic processes, critical marine equipment often falls victim to erosion and corrosion. Furthermore, cavitation, caused by the formation and collapse of vapour bubbles around equipment such as propellor blades, can lead to a reduction in performance and efficiency, and eventually to complete failure. This blog will explore the key issues faced by the marine industry and how Belzona’s marine coatings can address them, extending equipment lifespan and offering long-term protection. 

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What are the Key Challenges Faced by Marine Industry Equipment? 

In the harsh marine environment, equipment is exposed to the relentless effects of the weather, salt water, impingement and entrainment leading to corrosion, erosion, and cavitation. Pumps, turbines, and propellers – integral components of marine equipment—also face heightened susceptibility to cavitation, which poses risks of performance reduction, structural damage and eventually failure. 

What are the Benefits of Using Belzona in the Marine Industry? 

Belzona’s marine coatings and solutions are specifically designed to withstand harsh offshore conditions. They exhibit outstanding resilience against erosion, corrosion and cavitation, ensuring prolonged equipment life and optimal performance even in the harshest marine conditions.  

Coating and protecting your boat with Belzona can help maintain its appearance as well as extend its lifespan, providing protection and durability. Additionally, our rapid, cold-curing formulations can be applied in situ, effectively minimising downtime. Plus, our products have received acknowledgements from the U.S. Navy and the U.K. Ministry of Defence. 

What are Bezona’s Typical Applications in the Marine Industry? 

Belzona’s key application areas in the marine industry focus on repairing and protecting equipment from damage caused by processes such as erosion-corrosion.  

  • Engine Blocks 

Engine blocks face a tough combination: cavitation and corrosion. This not only compromises structural integrity of the block but also leads to cracks and leaks, impacting the overall performance and lifespan of marine engines. Belzona can rebuild and protect blocks, extending the lifespan of the engine block without the need for welding. 

  • Stern Tubes 

Stern tubes suffer from erosion and corrosion. In particular, galvanic corrosion can damage the sealing surface of the tube, as well as bearings and housings. The electrical insulation properties of Belzona’s metallic polymers eliminate the risk of galvanic corrosion and create an erosion-corrosion resistant surface.  

  • Bow Thrusters 

Bow thrusters often face challenges such as erosion and bi-metallic corrosion, resulting in cavitation and pitting. Belzona offers the ability to conduct targeted repairs, minimising downtime and offering long-term protection. 

  • Propellors 

Propellers commonly encounter cavitation issues due to pressure, causing damage to the metal substrate and diminishing the hydrodynamic efficiency of the vessel. Belzona can repair and protect propellors from further damage, extending its lifespan. 

  • Kort Nozzles 

Severe erosion corrosion can wear away the surface of Kort Nozzles, but Belzona’s metal rebuilding and resurfacing composites can repair and rebuild the substrate to its original profile without the need for hot work. Our specialized solutions provide effective long-term protection against further damage. 

  • Tail Shafts 

Tail shafts frequently face challenges such as erosion-corrosion, particularly on exposed segments and the transition area, where bi-metallic corrosion is a common issue. Belzona can rebuild damaged tail shafts and protect against erosive and corrosive effects. 

  • Rudders 

Water flow and the manoeuvrability of the vessel cause cavitation damage on rudder blades and rudder horns, which can lead to significant metal loss. Additionally, the rudder housing and bearing are particularly susceptible to corrosion. Belzona’s solutions can resist cavitation and impact and provide excellent corrosion protection. 

The Future of Belzona in the Marine Industry

As the Marine Industry continues to play a pivotal role in global trade and transportation, Belzona’s innovative solutions will be crucial in ensuring the longevity and efficiency of marine equipment. By incorporating Belzona into their maintenance and repair strategies, marine industry professionals can not only address current challenges but also contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future for the industry. 

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